Training in Africa

The regional training in Africa will take place in Ghana, by the hosting organisation Volu from the 17th to the 20th of May.

The participants will come from different partners involved in this regional STEP  which are :

 Volu (GHANA) VOLU Ghana Logo
 Astovot (TOGO) Astovot

The training in Ghana will be the firt of a serie of 4 regional trainings.

The 4 trainers will come all together to implement the training. They are coming from different country : USA (University of Illinois), Catalunya (Expert), France (Solidarités Jeunesses) and China (SCI).

Following on from this training, one expert will travel to each country of the participants (Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Uganda, Nigeria) to consider the future implementation of the participants new skills in their own country.

More detailed information to come shortly…